2008 Project of the Year

In the fall of 2007, JFCI Composites was selected to manage the production of a composite superstructure for a very large and ambitious yacht conversion project taking place in the Persian Gulf. Some preliminary fabrication was started before the new year, but major construction started in April of 2008 when approved drawings and laminate specifications began to appear. Because of the size of the structure, the superstructure shell and interior decks, deck support beams, and bulkheads were built in sections in order to facilitate shipping and assembly.

As of April 2009 100% of the fabrication was complete and shipped. The fabrication schedule was dependent on the production of engineered drawings and laminate information, and quite literally was being built as fast as the information allowed.

Project of the Year

Erection and assembly of the composite superstructure pieces is being done by the shipyard crew and was started when the supporting steel deck and bulwark work had progressed sufficiently in late October '08 and will continue as dictated by the overall project schedule.

Out of respect for confidentiality issues, details of this gigayacht project are not available at this time.

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