JFCI Composites specializes in using state of the art methods and tooling to create composite parts, both prototype and production. We have managed the production of:

  • Vacuum Infused molded parts up to 225 square meters/ 2400 square feet.
  • Carbon Fiber beams, both pre-preg and pultruded, up to up to 400mm x 37 meters/ 16 x 120 feet
  • Vacuum infused flat panels up to 6 meters x 24 meters/ 20feet x 80 feet on a thermostatically controlled table mold for manufacturing and post curing.

We work mainly with AutoCad and Rhino 3D drafting software. Through strategic partnering, we have knowledge of and access to the industries most advanced process technology.

We are well positioned to provide the most creative, efficient, and cost effective solutions to today's composite construction challenges.